Types of Jobs that Do Not Require a Work Permit

A Canadian work permit is a document issued to you by the government that entitles you to work in their country. An immigrant without a work permit cannot work and earn a living in Canada, so a work permit is essential.

However, there are jobs that do not require a work permit in Canada. Research has shown that foreign nationals can earn a living doing certain jobs without a work permit.

Types of jobs that do not require a work permit
There are several occupations that do not require a work permit in Canada. Here are some that do not require a work permit.

Farm work

This work must be done on a volunteer basis (which means you may not be paid). For this work, you only need to enter the country for visiting purposes.

Military personnel

This is for military personnel only. These armed military personnel may only enter the country on orders, and these orders must be official. This is allowed under the Armed Forces Visit Act.

Athlete or coach

This only applies if you are a coach from another country to compete in Canada. The coach or athlete is exempt from the work permit.

This applies to athletes and coaching staff of foreign teams.

NOTE: The athletes of the Canadian team need a work permit.

Business Travelers

Before you get your hopes up, you need to understand what this means. As a business traveler, you must be on official business on behalf of your company, and your place of employment and source of income must be outside of Canada. As a business traveler, you are not allowed to work in the Canadian labor market.


This job offer is made without a work permit in Canada. In other words: If you have a certificate to provide spiritual assistance and perform spiritual ceremonies at religious events, you will receive a permit. You must be an ordained minister or priest to fall into this category of exemption.


Not all artists are eligible to perform in Canada, but you can if you meet the following requirements:

  • If you perform for a specified period of time;
  • You must not be seeking employment in the Canadian labor market;
  • You must be the artist receiving the exemption or a key member of the crew;
  • You may not perform in a media outlet or host a program, whether on television, radio or movies.

Public speakers

Public speakers coming to Canada are also exempt, provided the seminar/event does not exceed 5 days. So they are not allowed to enter the labor market or try to find employment.

Civil Aviation Inspector

Flights that go from one place to another must be inspected, and if you fall into this category, you can be exempted to work without a work permit. In this job, you can inspect cabin safety and operations of international flights.

Aviation accident or incident investigator

If an accident occurs and foreign individuals are required to assist in the investigation of the accident, they do not need a work permit. Canada’s Transportation Accident and Safety Board Act allows this, so the foreign person can perform their duties without harassment.

Implied status

This only applies to those who renewed their work permit before it expired while working in Canada and therefore cannot be harassed.


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