The Beginning Tutorial – What Is QBasic?

Chapter 1 – Getting Started

Setting up your User Drive
Click on START (Located on the bottom left of your screen

– Click on MY COMPUTER

– Double click on your user drive. (The drive that ends with: (U:).) Create a new folder and name it: teched. (Note: all lower case letters and no spaces.)

Getting to QBasic

To run QBASIC we need to get to the QBasic editor.
Click on START (Located on the bottom left of your screen)


This will open the editor. Press on the ESC (escape) key to clear the screen and exit the Survival guide.

Getting Out
To exit the QBasic editor, Click on the FILE menu, scroll down and click on EXIT.

Note: Do NOT use the Close box to close the editor. You should always go to FILE then EXIT.

If the editor is not closed correctly or if you have not saved your file, you could loose all your data.

QBasic Editor

Assuming you’ve used a computer before, the editing keys work in a similar way.

The Left, Right, Up and Down arrows behave as one would expect – but, the Delete and Backspace keys are a little different. The Delete key deletes the character at the curser while the Backspace key deletes the character to the left.

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