My Secret Obsession – Chapter Three By Stephanie #Vilan

My Secret Obsession – Chapter One By Stephanie #Vilan
My Secret Obsession – Chapter One By Stephanie #Vilan

Back to the present moment.

I was going to ask Kendall to a swimming competition, everyone on the team knew I was practically the best swimmer in school.

I was always waiting for them at the finish line, things have been cold with the project stuff everyone seems to be taking it too serious.

Since I was always the life of the part! The arrange, the organizer and the captain avenger of most bullied junior.

I decided to add more fun to the whole project thing, and I was going to start that by pulling Kendall in first.

I’m really bent on knowing what area he lagged, what’s up with the perfect guy! So I made my move.


Yes ? he answered.

Wanna have a swimming duel with me tomorrow. I asked.

Aha, he chuckled. Well I  wouldn’t want to seem harsh to accept that offer. You’re a lady.

Wait, was he taunting me? Was he actually teasing me right now?.

Oh great all perfect Kendall is scared of a little Judy right? You’re gonna hide  hide your tail in-between your legs like a scared little cat! I said.

Little Judy you got yourself a duel. He replied.

Great ! so what were you calling me for? I asked”

Was gonna ask if you’re up for popcorn and a movie. We could use my projector, if they add that in our report guess it adds something to it. He furthered explained.

Nice idea, give me few minutes I want to shut down this system so we can set it up together. I replied him. I shut down the system and made way to where we were to set up the projector to watch the movie.


We took popcorn and and the movie started. Titled “underworld” it lasted two hours, thirteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds.

Wow, that was scary but great. Good stuff. I said to him.

We headed to bed and drifted off to sleep in no time!

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