My Secret Obsession – Chapter One By Stephanie #Vilan

My Secret Obsession – Chapter One By Stephanie #Vilan
My Secret Obsession – Chapter One By Stephanie #Vilan


From that very moment I set my eyes on him, I had a hunch that he isn’t what he sets to be[ or so I thought] but he sure was a potential asset.

Kendall Mayson is a good kid, brilliant ,sporty,bright and really active in all areas. He is like the MR PERFECT everyone wants to be. It was like he was really flawless, no short-comings, no if’s, no doubts. He seems like everything is simply great , big bright smile that could melt a heart.

I grew curious, is it true this guy is completely perfect? Is he really flawless? Does he not have any shortcomings? IS THERE REALLY NO ACHILLES HEEL?

I was out to find out what was up with the new guy around, what was he ?who was he? That night I sat at my computer and insert his name into the search bar.

Kendall Mayson… it brought out different people with name Kendall and Mayson. I kept scrolling and I found him. Well I check everything on him. I couldn’t find anything on him, nothing fishy at all. It was all as he claimed, from New York, age nineteen[ 19]. Mother’s Swedish father’s American. But trust me I’m not stooping there.

Hey Judy? Where are you? It was Kendall calling out for me. Are you surprised? Yeah, kendall is my roommate.

My name is Judy Anderson, I’m 18 years, I’m in 12th grade, I have no siblings. Just I and myself. My parents are both from California, USA. As it is  myself and Kendall are on the same team it’s a team that comprises of just two people, the group is a lady paired with a guy. So Judy [ who happened to be me ] was paired with Kendall.

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