ONSET (War Against Love) Chapter Two – By Stephanie #Vįlãń

***Back to the present***

Sweetheart, Don’t worry mummy won’t be long, it’s Just a week and I’ll be back, okay? Okay mummy.

She followed her down stairs and waved her off as her mother’s car drove off into the evening. She had a flight catch.

Ella walled back into the house with her father following right behind her.

Ella, your mum will be back in no time, Okay. The father tried consoling Ella. I’m here aren’t I? tried to make her laugh.

She laughed and hugged her father.

She has been a cry-baby from birth. So being this grown and still acting like a kid ain’t a new thing to her parents.

Ella is nineteen, and she has always been the shy type, delicate like a rose petal and fragile as glass.

She lived like a princess in a castle,she had people around her to do her, she was born with a silver spoon.

And being the only child, that gave her more room to be a spoiled brat.

 At the veranda.

It was getting late, and Ella was about to go to her room when her cellphone rang.

[ring…ring], hello? a voice from the other end of the phone came out audibly. It was a masculine voice.

Hello Dennis, how are you? Ella inquired. I’m fine babe. just wanted to check on you. You haven’t replied my text, and why is that?

Well I haven’t because…” he cuts in” no need to explain come out to your room’s veranda.

Stephanie Vilan Author at insidenobs
Stephanie Vilan Author at insidenobs

She walked briskly to her room’s veranda and looked down, she couldn’t find anyone, only to be grabbed from behind with a hand over mouth, chill babe it’s me. He said calmly.

He already climbed up and was now holding her , he slowly removed his hand from her mouth, and turned her to face him.

Dennis smiled at her and she smiled back. They kept starring at each other for almost five minutes. They closed the gap between them and their lips met. He kissed her softly on the lips.

Ella, I came over because I was worried sick when you didn’t reply any of my texts. I’m sorry Dennis, mum was going on a business trip and you do know what that means.

It’s okay dear’ he replied. I hope you’re good?

They chit chatted for about twenty [20] minutes. When she heard her father called out for her.

Ella?….Ella? he father called.

Yes daddy, I’m coming.

Dennis I have to go, she said.

Okay babe, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.

He kissed her on her forehead and watched her go in before climbing his way down from her veranda.

Got into his car and sped off.


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