ONSET (War Against Love) Chapter One – By Stephanie #Vįlãń

Ella you need not worry,youll be fine, okay?  You’ve got your daddy here with you.

But mom, you will be gone for days, dad and I are going to be alone. I’m used to dad leaving but not you mum. “she sobbed”

No Ella, look here darling I have to be there myself. My presence is needed. Her mother tired to explain.

Mrs Adams and her daughter [only daughter and only child] are best of friends, ever since she was born. Due to the fact that Mrs Adams had  late child bearing almost gave up hope in having children of her own and even suggested adoption, not long after she realized she was pregnant. After nine years of marriage.

Mr Adamns always loved his wife despite the fact that their marriage was arranged by the Adam’s and Benedict’s family, which is Mr and now Mrs Adams family.  Mr Adams never for once felt hope was lost. He loved, respected and trusted his wife and most importantly he kept hope alive.

He had always said to Benita his wife, we are going to have a baby boy and name him Emma and the wife will say “No! she will be a girl and her name will be Ella. Let’s keep our hope alive honey. Any time Benita gets depressed, sobber or unhappy about her inability to conceive, he will either buy her gifts, throw her a suprise party, or take her out for ice cream or watch a movie.  He was the perfect example of a gentle and enduring man.

stephanie insidenobs
stephanie insidenobs


Mr Adams  original name is Joe Adams, he was every ladies choices, who wouldn’t want to get married to a fine young handsome man for a rich and reputable family in town. Benita wasn’t bad at all, the envy of her mates.  A beauty to die for, smooth fair skin, you’d think she never walked in the sun.

Blue beautiful eyes, moderate and admirable body shape. She is the definition of beauty, her dark long  dark curls weren’t hair. Shade of refection, she is what you call near to perfection.

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