Oh Bitch Ma’Bitch – Chapter One By Stephanie #Vilan

Oh Bitch Ma’Bitch – Chapter One By Stephanie #Vilan

Hey Kate , where are you at? A masculine voice thundered from the other end of the phone. He sounded like he could break the phone Kate was holding with just his voice.
I’m at home, what’s up? She answered.

Well get your ass here I’m stranded and I need to leave this spot asap, don’t wanna be an headless man by daybreak. He said with a bit of sarcasm.
Okay Mr. Rudy I’m on my way. She was about to drop the call then she spoke again. Where exactly are you at? She inquired.

I’m in front of the cafe next to the gym. You know that gym right?
Oh yeah I do. Give few minutes I’ll be there,hold on. She said the last words and hung up the call.
She walked to her TV stand and picked her car keys,went out the door put on the lock and headed to the garage.
She took her key, opened the door and slipped into the driver’s seat. Put on the car’s ignition and reversed out of her garage into the evening dim light. It’s sundown already. She went on full speed.
The car came to an abrupt stop in front of a cafe with a bold image FRATELLI CAFE written in front of it. It was about past seven 7pm when she got there. She got out of her car and stood beside it, she brought her cell phone and called Nathan.
Hello Nathan, I’m outside the cafe. Where you at?
Come in girl. He said.
She locked her car and made her way to the cafe’s entrance. She stepped in and it wasn’t hard to spot Nathan at all, his blonde hair gave him away. She proceeded to the bar.
Hey big man, there you are. What’s up? She said as she takes her seat.
Not waiting for Nathan’s reply she faced the bar man.hey, can I have a Miller Lite?
Yes Ma’am, he replied.

Hey beauty! Miller lite? No whisky tonight? or you’re tryna avoid the sex traffic? Nathan teased.
She could sense the bar man smile.
Well, the traffic gon’be holding you up I guess. Just let me finish my drink and let’s get going. I have work left undone. Kate replied in defense.
The bar man brought her drink and she downed it all. Nathan finished up his remaining drink payed the bar man and dropped a fat tip, stood up and poceeded to leave the bar while Kate followed behind.

They got outside the bar, they got to Kate’s car and paused. She unlocked the car and he sat the passenger’s seat while Kate took the wheels and started the engine.
Where should I drive you to Nathan? My place or yours? She asked.
Yours of course, He replied.
And she zoomed off.

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