Ghetto Boy – Chapter Three by Badmantfloow

Ghetto Boy  by Badmantfloow
Ghetto Boy by Badmantfloow

Ghetto Boy – Chapter Three

*** Typical Ghetto Norm ***

Spent 80% of my day indoors, the power black-out was itching me sore. I had to pass out time by reading people’s biography and sitting behind a desk with some work out notepad and a pen.

Apart from spending a huge sum of my time behind screens, scribbling down notes was one of my favorite thing..

Today i tried writing about gender discrimination, Each drop of the rain seems to act as an inhibitor, couldn’t write much as my stomach kept aching me and making silly noises like a factory generator.

It’s might had been the junk foods and candy bars sold exclusively in the ghetto that was stimulating the unrest within the walls of my gastrointestinal tract.

Sanitary wipes later became my companion for the rest of the day.

In this part of the town, there’s literally no need for an alarm clock, or a rooster to crow.

The large loudspeaker from the central mosque millimeters away from my home does all the work, waking up to another day, i always finds it difficult saying my morning prayers, sometimes i forget, other times am nonchalant. God help my soul.

My kid sister has been sent away from school for non-payment of school fees, she seems a little bit depressed.

That would be the first time she’ll be missing school, my parents are undergoing a financial constraint, did i mention that i was admitted to read medicine and surgery in the unique university of port-harcourt?, well that was over a month ago and am still yet to pay my acceptance fee.

We had drain all the money in the account to pay our house rent weeks ago, and this are trying times for us.

My two brothers has been withdrawn from a private school, and now are attending public school, our nepa bill is still unpaid, and now my kid sister is now at home for lack of funds to pay her school fee.

But all this is a normal thing for every family represented here in the ghetto.

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