Ghetto Boy – Chapter Four By Badmantfloow

Ghetto Boy by Badmantfloow
Ghetto Boy by Badmantfloow

Ghetto Boy – Chapter Four

***”taking a stroll in the morning sun”***

They say gives some vitamins, and that was a way i cool off some burden in my heart, thanks to one of my homies, my stomach was aching me no longer, so i had no need of sanitary wipes.

Got my headset on, and Diana Ross, gave me some sweet soul music.

Haven’t gone more than two buildings away, when i saw a large amount of broken bottles, and unfinished wrap of cigarettes grazing the untied street.

Maybe it’s just another conflict between the gringo’s and the night watchmen. Typical ghetto norm.

Well today was a uefa champions league match day, so my strolling has to end in a bet9ja shop. This was how we hustle here in downtown…

When you live in the ghetto’s downtown, there are lots of negative attitudes you pick up, and have found myself in some pretty negative mess, like deflating people car tires, jungle justice, running errands for the gringos, aspiring to be an evil dark lord, creating a man cave and making use of gutter languages.

Every ghetto boy has their story, and oftentimes it’s always that of a “good boy turn bad” due to his environment.

Well here in the ghetto, it was always very difficult to find a teenage boy who was literate, 95% of boys in the ghetto were school drop out, gringos, semi-literate, and [awon] science students, leaving in the ghetto and being an academic successful dude was scarcely experienced.

The 5% of literate leaving in the ghetto try their optimum best not to associate themselves with their environment, but that statistics was not applicable to me, as i was focused both on my academics and on my environment and i found a way of being successful in both.

I get a lot of criticism as to why i have decided to cast my lot with the ghetto boys, but can they understand if i tell them?.

The TV people who lives uptown always poke their fingers at the downtown dudes saying they are the “bad eggs” of the society, and some uptown girls has confronted me on countless occasions asking me why i do mingle with the nobody’s, and people who has no future ambitions?.

Such people sickens me!, how can one conclude that his fellow human has no future ambition because he stays in a ghetto?

People need to change their impressions on how they see others, just because he is with a cigar in between his lips or because his hairs are unkempt doesn’t mean he is of no value, hear his story before you start acting like chief justice of Nigeria on societal value.

Downtown is a place you see some of the unusual, and the ghetto is a more of a jungle where you see wild and strange things, most times comparison are being drawn as to where is a better place to grow as a child, downtown or upstream?.

Well everybody wants to be responsible, so those rooting for downtown are those in downtown.

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