English Garden – Chapter Three By Stephanie

She hops off the bed and squeals again at the opulence of the bathroom. I smile and take out my own little bag as she turns on faucets and taps. I can even hear the flick of the soap dispenser, a Molton Brown she won’t be able to resist.

I Lift out the delicately wrapped lingerie and the sachets of lube fall out of the packaging. My little virgin will definitely be needing some of this before long. I suck my cheeks in between my teeth in anticipation of seeing the glass shaft spear into her darkest private hole.

Before I get too caught up in my fantasy, I quickly drag off my travel clothes and slip into the silky tiny underwear set. I take a look in the free-standing mirror, yes, I’ll do. I’ll more than do. Lola and I make a stunning pair. I adore watching us make love in mirrors and just need to get her used the idea of me filming us. She’s quite shy about that sort of thing, though I have been treated to some more explicit nudes recently so who knows where we might end up.

The toilets flushes and I wrap the robe around me, breath held high in my chest. I pop over to the window and peer out on tiptoes to the spot in the garden I’d asked Henry to prepare.

Oh and he has! An opulent scene just next to the summer flower bed has me almost tearful with joy. A king mattress lies on the perfect lawn smothered in wool blankets, silk throws and all manner of pillows and cushions. He’d outdone himself has Henry.

“What are you looking at?” Lola creeps up behind me, her lips nuzzling into my nape making me shudder.

“Patience darling, you’ll see.” I take her hand. “Come with me,” I say lifting the final bag and pulling her to a trot behind me.

It’s fun twisting and winding through the corridors and rooms, I take her as if in a labyrinth, in and out, round and round to get her giddy with excitement. By the time we reach the lawn we’re both panting and our cheeks are flushed.

I lead my love barefoot across the grass to the huge luxurious bed positioned right in the dipping afternoon sun. The fabric is hot to touch and I’m grateful for the breeze coming off the flower bed bringing the delicious fragrance of the sweet peas on its cooling breath.

Lola steps right into the middle of the mattress and stands, her face shining with joy. Untying her robe she locks her gaze with mine and throws it open, casting it into the bushes, and giggles.

My breath catches and I sink to my knees, letting my own robe fall.

“You’re so beautiful,” I whisper taking in the full scene of my lover standing before me in the most exquisite lingerie that fits her to absolute perfection.

“I know,” she grins and twists a lock of hair in her finger, “Now come here and kiss me.”

And I do, I want to feast on every part of her, devour her, make her mine.

We kneel together our bodies meet, our tongues entwining. She tastes of cherry and mint and my mouth waters, raw lust taking me over. I reach to her jaw, sliding my hands to cup her face and kiss her more deeply, stating my intentions with my lips.

The sound of our breathing is punctuated by birdsong and my heart aches with the absolute pure joy of being here and now in this place.

“I fucking love you.” I break free from the kiss and lean down to her breast, flicking my tongue softly over her already tight nipple through the sheer feminine fabric.

I peek up to see her head fall back, neck exposed, the dip at the base of her throat fluttering.

I open my mouth wide and engulf her whole breast, drawing her peaking tit deep into the back of my tongue, undulating it suggestively, suckling hard.

She groans and grabs my hair, dragging me hard onto her, fucking my face with her tit. It’s super horny and I grind the back of my heel into my ass, undulating my hips, trying to get some relief from my rising need.

She reaches around behind her and unhooks her new bra.

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