Dangerous Romance – Episode Four

After getting a hold of my self, I cleaned my eyes and started to walk inside the restaurant..
I got back into the restaurant and grabbed my purse, before turning off the lights and after that, I locked the kitchen before, .. I waved goodbye to Jimmy, the guy who works late in the restaurant and who locks it and comes early the next day to open it. He’s kind of the hardworking guy around here.
I took the night bus and found my self lost in thought as the bus started to drive.
First Richard call off our wedding.. Now I got hijacked or attacked or whatever I’ll call that, by a criminal
What’s next, I’ll be pushed off a mountain. My Life’s Just too rigid, and complicated.. Seriously I wish for nothing but death..
I got to the second bus stop and came down and found my hair roaring in the wind, the wind should just take my body too. I walked down the not to crowded road, different convenience store had lights from many Angle making the road not so lonely.. And I walked slowly not having the strength to walk faster.. My hand was pushed in my sweater pockets and I stare at the floor not watching where I was going until I bumped into someone. I quickie apologize not wanting to look up.
“Pen” Mason’s voice said and I look up.
What a coincidence..
“hey..” I said moving my hair back.
“what are you doing here?” I asked looking around cause by this time of the day, mason is usually home or helping his dad at work.
“I came here to meet Richa.. He stopped talking and I sighed and looked away. “just because he did a pretty stupid thing to me doesn’t mean you guys can’t still be friends” I said and he smiled.
“sorry I’m just being too careful” he explained and I nod.

“you’re going home right?” he asked, “where else can I go?” I returned the question.
“classic Pen” he said and placed his arm around my shoulder, “come-on I’ll be your escortee” he said.
“but you’re going to get home late” I warned.
“it doesn’t matter, I can’t just ditch my lonely bored friend and go home, that would made me a bad friend” he said and I smiled a bit
“thanks” I mumbled.
“anytime chipmunk” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“don’t call me that” I said, Kirana and Mason are always fond of calling me chipmunk cause they say I have a gummy bear smile and my cheeks are full when I smile..
“okay.. What about chipy?” he asked.. “don’t call me any names” I said and he nods with a smile .. We both walked home together, talking about this and that and I’m so glad I ran into him cause his company was forgiving, I told him about that stupid Leopard guy who whatever his name was. And he was shocked too asking me if I’m okay or if he injured me but I just assured him that I was fine.
Finally I got home and I breathed a sigh of relief.
“thanks” I tell him as he let his arm slide away from my shoulder.
“anytime, sleep tight and dream about fairies, cause they’re pretty good in making your day better” he said and I smiled and nod.
“night.” I said before walking to the front porch, I turned and saw him still standing and staring at me.

“won’t you start going?” I yelled a bit so he could hear me from where I stood.
“I will, I’m just acting as a bodyguard in case anyone’s trying to attack you again” he said and I chuckled before going inside.
I got inside and met my mom savoring on a mug of hot chocolate, and suddenly I wanted some.
“Honey how was work?” she asked and dropped the mug of hot chocolate on the table,
“the same” I replied and took the mug of chocolate and gulped down the whole thing.
“awwn honey I’m sorry” my mom said and I looked at her
“I said work was the same, I didn’t say it was bad” I said and she stood up.
“I know but how you said it, make it sound like it was bad” my mom said and I rolled my eyes and sighed, dropping down the mug.
“look honey.. It’s like he took you away” my mom said and I narrowed my eyes at her.
“what are you talking about” I asked and she sighed.
“you used to be this girl.. This girl with so much energy, you’re filled with fun and smiles, I remember you coming back home everyday with a smile talking about this or that, but suddenly after the incident with Richard, you suddenly became this quiet spooky girl,–
“what do you think I’m supposed to do mom, Richard was my life, he was smile, he was my everything, and yes he did take all of it away from me.. I can never be happy again” I said and now I’m starting to tear up.
“No honey don’t say that” my stated and walked up to me.
“I will.. He ruined me mom, cause he was my first everything, how do you expect me to be myself again, I’m trying to get over him but I can’t. I can’t” I said, actually cried.
“honey look at me.” my mom said and I did.
“you will get over him okay?” she said and pulled me in a hug while I cried, In her arms. I will. I must. Get over him, cause if I don’t I’ll just only kill myself inside.
I had my dinner alone in my room, while watching some comedy show, it was funny but somehow I didn’t laugh and I suddenly realised he broke me. And I don’t think I could ever be fixed. That night I fell asleep peacefully but without happy thoughts..
The next day I woke up after my morning alarm has stop ringing and I stood up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After that I pushed my body in a black jean trouser, and a Blue shirt before wearing a yellow sweater. I grabbed my bag and put on my shoes, and finally after packing my hair in ponytail, I was good to go, I pecked my mom goodbye and left for work.
I got to the bus station and Kirana called, we talked over a few things over the phone as I got in the bus.
I got to work a little bit late, but no one Complained cause our boss isn’t the type that stays around, he’s a very busy man. I put on my apron and started to cook with Randee.. We chopped this, slice that, boiled this and fried that.. We were both so busy with cooking until, our boss assistant Maxwell came into the kitchen. Looking stern.. We greeted him politely and he nods in return..
“so Penny” he called and I slowly turned to him.
“yes” I replied,
“Janet didn’t come today cause she is sick and I’ll like you to fill in for her” Maxwell said and I gently dropped the knife I was holding.. “but who’s going to fill in for me if I fill in for Janet?” I asked. Sensitively
“don’t worry Jimmy will fill in for you, he’s a great cook and you, you’re pretty good in waiting tables, I’ve seen you do it before and I want you to do that today again, for Janet’s sake” he said and I nod, not arguing any further, that great news I’ll be a waitress for today instead of a chef. That isn’t too much of a hardwork.
I removed the apron from my body as Jimmy walked in and I took the “waiting” apron and tied it around my waist.
“great, there’s a order at table six and Seven” Maxwell said before he walked outside.
I attended table six and seven and got them what they wanted.. And after that I got orders from different tables and got them what they wanted.. I got an order from table three, and after getting their food, I grabbed the pen and small notebook I was holding ready to take order from the next table and with a fake smile I said.
“welcome to Eatees… Shall I take y-your orde—
I stopped talking and suddenly froze.. The long dark hair, the midnight eyes, the voice.. It’s that leopard guy, I can’t believe he’s here with two other scary looking men I think they’re his friends.

“yeah I don’t want anything just get me a glass of water” the leopard guy said and I nod lightly and quickly turned thank goodness he didn’t recognise me..
I was about going when one of his friends called me back “hey” he called and I sighed and turned.. Making sure I don’t make eye contact with Leopard.. And thank goodness he was looking outside
“yes what would you like to order?” i asked..
“I’ll just get a small plate of French fries and a pineapple juice” he said and I nod and wrote it down.
I turned to the other one and gave a fake smile. “what would you like?” I asked and I somehow felt Leopard was staring at me.
“just a glass of water like him” the dude said and I nod, and was about to go but the Leopard guy suddenly stood
“hey” he said calling for my attention and I sighed and slowly turn to him.
“y-yes” I answerd, he’s not going to point a gun at me in front of everyone in this place, so there’s actually nothing to be scared about. He tilts his head sideways before smiling and a small dimple appeared on on of his cheeks.
“you’re t-that girl, that trash girl from yesterday right?” he asked inquisitively,
Trash girl?!!!
“y-y-yeah” I stutter.
“great, I didn’t get to apologize profusely yesterday for startling you so I’ll do it better.” he said
“no… It’s okay, p-please just sit, I need to take orders from other tables” I said and he nods and sits down.. I took my heels and went to the kitchen, getting two glass of water and a plate of French fries with pineapple juice. I went back to the leopard guy table and slowly drop their orders on the top of their tables and the Two friends grimaced at me and I force myself to smile back at them. I was about going but his voice stopped me again.
“trash g-girl.. He called and I huffed and turned.
“sorry what’s your name?” he asked
“I’m sorry I don’t give my name to strangers” I said boldly and he laughed and so did his friends, what’s so funny.
“okay well I’ll just keep calling you trash girl” he said and I forced a smile. “enjoy your meal” I said ignoring his statement.
“Penny.. There’s a order at table nine..” Maxwell suddenly yelled from the kitchen.
“coming” I yelled and start to walk away.
“bye Penny!!” I heard leopard said and I walked faster than ever. I did the waiting job perfectly, I served here and there making sure I avoid eye contact with Leopard who keeps staring at me with every move I make..
I served here and there till the day started getting dark, and later Maxwell joined Leopard and his friends and they all talked and laughed about things I don’t care about.. And for some time they all paused and watched me go here and there and I knew they were talking about me. But ignorance was what I served them. And I don’t get why they haven’t leave yet.
Finally the day was over and the restaurant was empty and slowly I took off my apron and handed it to Maxwell who walked up to me.
“nice job today Penny, you really nailed it” he said and I shrugged.
“so those guys over there, aren’t they leaving?” I asked referring to Mr badboy.
“they will pretty soon, they’re just hanging around” Maxwell replied and I nod.
“okay then I’ll get going” I said and went to the kitchen to grab my purse and I was about walking out when I bumped into Leopard.
“hey Penelope” he said with a smile
“hi…. I was about leaving” I said and was about to walk away but he blocked my part and I froze .
“I have this feeling you’re scared of me” he said, hell yeah I am.
“and why would I be?” I asked avoiding eye contact with him.
“because you stutter around me and you don’t look directly at my face” he said and I try to look at his face to prove him wrong but I was wrong, he is so scary. I quickly look away and he sighed.
“just know I’m completely harmles, oh and Max told me your full name’s Penelope. Cute name, you know mine right” he said and I nod slowly
“yeah, you’re Leopard” I said, I think I’m running out of breath
“Leopard?, it’s Leonard, but just call me Leo for short” he said and I just nod
Please leave me alone.
“s-sure” I said.
“so about yesterday I’m sorry for using you to co—
Mason suddenly walked in the restaurant and I was so glad to see him.
“Mason” I called happily and he turned to me.
“oh your boyfriend’s here, I better walk away” Leo said and stepped back finally.
“hey pen.. I came to pick you up?” Mason said with a smile and I smiled back.. I wanted to ask why he came to pick me up cause he never picks me up from work but I just kept quiet followed him outside. Saved from Leo.
T. B. C

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