Bond to F*ck – Chapter One

Story of h*rny couple engaging in soft bondage s*xual pleasure


“You have cheeky hands, Antonio.” I forced myself to edge away as Antonio’s fingers slipped up the hem of my short summer skirt.

“You’re irresistible.” He caught my mouth in another kiss and followed me along the brick wall.

I sagged against him. He was pretty damn irresistible too. My mind, body and soul had been drawn to him the very first time I’d seen him pushing weights at HOT FOR LIFE. With his sleek skin strewn with dewy sweat, biceps bulging and abs that would put most catwalk models to shame, Antonio was a perfect specimen of a man.

And he was mine.

Or at least that was the way it was heading.

I groaned as he ran his finger over the gusset of my panties, catching the seam of my pussy lips.

“See, you want me to touch you really,” he murmured onto my mouth.

“Yes…but not here. Anyone could…” Damn. It was hard to think straight when he was consuming my thoughts, filling my senses, and taking over my world. But I forced myself to retain some sensibility.

We were outside the gym, tucked to the right of the entrance in the shadows. But still, we were hardly hidden, and it wasn’t fully dark yet, it was that magical moment between twilight and night. The sky streaked with shards of pink, purple and mauve, the air temperature dropping enough to chill my hot cheeks.

“Yes, here is perfect, it won’t take long.” He pulled my panties aside, nudging my thighs apart with his foot.

He slipped over my dampness and swirled my clit.

My eyes rolled back, a moan rumbled up from my throat. He was talented when it came to hitting the spot, whether it was with his tongue, fingers or cock.

“I’ll be quick,” he whispered, kissing over my cheek, then down my neck to the place that always had me gasping.

I tilted my head to give him better access. My pulse raged in my ears. The longing to be filled—by him—was beginning to take over my every thought.

My every instinct.

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