Reasons Why Your Visa Application Is Taking So Much Time to Process

The visa application process is very difficult, and the part that applicants really dislike is the waiting game. Applicants have to wait for a while to find out their fate. However, if you wait longer than usual, there is a problem. Although the procedure takes time, you need to know why your visa application is taking so long.

Since the procedure is complicated, there are many reasons that can cause a delay. As with other government applications, all application fees should be paid before the application is approved. There are obvious reasons why your application is taking more time than it should.

Inappropriate documents

The documents submitted to your responsible official should contain all the required information. If they are not properly documented, there will be a delay. In addition, if the application received contains errors or omissions, the official will be forced to require that these errors be corrected before proceeding. The absence of a signature on your document will also delay processing.

You must also make sure that you fill in all the blank spaces on the form, otherwise the procedure will be delayed. The worst case occurs when the official believes that you have forged your documents. This is called “misinterpretation” and it definitely causes delays.


This simply means that the documents need to be verified by the official, which can cause a delay. Depending on the type of information you submit as part of your immigration application, there may be additional delays because the visa officer will have to contact various agencies to verify that everything is legitimate.

If you had an ID card issued to you outside of Canada, it will be checked for legitimacy. If you contact the office that issued the ID, it will take weeks to process. Another reason could be that the officer is trying to verify your bank statement. To make sure you are not cheating the system, the officer is forced to contact your bank.

In addition, the offices in Canada must contact each other to match their information about you. This also takes weeks to complete. To avoid unnecessary delays, applicants should provide current passports and bank statements. You also need to make your documents as understandable as possible. A difficult document can cause delays.


There is a spreadsheet that shows the amount of service provided. However, this can cause delays if you pay for the wrong service or don’t pay at all for what you really need. The absence of a fee in the final statement may cause you to inadvertently pay the wrong amount, which will delay your application. Also, applicants who need to wire visa fees may not need to go to the bank to pay. Make sure your payment has been accepted once you have confirmed that you have paid. If you deposit the money at the bank, there is a possibility that it has been rejected. Therefore, all charges are online transactions with credit cards.


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