Simon Pegg & Nick Frost Recreate Shaun of the Dead Scene For Coronavirus Pandemic

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost recreate a Shaun of the Dead scene, updated with useful advice about social distancing. Coronavirus panic grips the world as the infection continues to spread, and the best course of action to try and slow it down requires everyone to do their part and stay inside.

As the spread of coronavirus continues to cripple economies, leaving the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions at its mercy, severe measures are being taken. Italy, the hardest-hit European nation, is in the midst of a total quarantine, with border restrictions in effect and citizens being told to stay home. The concept of social distancing is now being practiced globally. Citizens of numerous nations are being told to stay home from work and avoid congregating in large groups. It remains to be seen how effective these sorts of measures will be, but for now, many often feel as though the world is in an apocalyptic state. The concept of the apocalypse has been addressed numerous times over the years in film, and one of the most beloved and recently referenced apocalypse films is Shaun of the Dead.


The 2004 low-budget horror-comedy, directed by Edgar Wright, was a massive hit and helped launch the careers of Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost. For years, fans of Shaun of the Dead have been eager for Wright to release a sequel, but unfortunately, such a project has never been in the cards. Now, however, with coronavirus cases continuing to grow, Pegg and Frost reunited to put a real-life spin on the original film. In a short video called The Plan, posted to Pegg and Frost’s production company’s YouTube channel, the two actors revisited some familiar ground while providing useful information regarding coronavirus best practices. Check it out below:

As is to be expected, the clip offers a laugh, and the two stars slip in plenty of classic Shaun of the Dead references. This time around, a potential discovery that Phillip has been infected does not result in the immediate desire to kill him. Instead, Pegg urges the careful observation of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) directives for dealing with the coronavirus. Also, the conundrum over what to do next is quite different from Shaun of the Dead. In the original film, Shaun (Pegg) feels the best solution is to gather his mother, girlfriend, and closest friend, Ed (Frost), and head down to their local pub, The Winchester, to wait “for all this to blow over.” The plan has even been revived as a meme in recent days, though Pegg and Frost’s new video does not offer similar advice. Instead, Pegg urges Frost not to go to the pub, but to “stay at home, have a cup of tea, and wait for all this to blow over.”

Fortunately, neither Pegg nor Frost has been personally affected by the coronavirus like some other celebrities have been. However, Mission: Impossible 7, in which Pegg was set to return as IMF operative Benji, was one of the first film productions to be paused as a result of the pandemic. Of course, the coronavirus is no laughing matter. Still, videos such as this one by Pegg and Frost will be a welcome addition to the ongoing education on the pandemic, as well as by fans of the original Shaun of the Dead.

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