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Exclusive Interview By Insidenobs NG With Super Talented Artist “JulyTheVibe” (Check Out Full Gists)




Welcome To Another Edition of THE INN EXPLODE
With Your Host Oluwaseun…
( This is The Platform Where we Bring Fans closer to there celebrities, Top Ranking Artists … )

Shortly Before we Start, Say a Word of Greetings To All Your Fans and Supporters…

Hey yo everyone my name is July am an Afro fusion artiste.. I use this medium to greet and thank everyone there supporting me from day one

julythevibe artwork

#1. Can you tell us more about you? we know your name it’s Julythevibe so can you let us know more about yourself?

Answer: My name is Stephen chukwuebuka from IMO state, lol I was born on the 25th of July, but that’s not the reason I call myself JULY though but something miraculous make answer that name and it’s really spiritual.

#2. When did you ventured into the industry and what inspired you?

Answer: Officially 2017 but I took pause around 2018 because I was employed as label writer, so I couldn’t do my shit. But right now am on all about JULY brand, lol I inspire myself serious nothing else inspires am my own inspiration.

#3. Are you currently signed to any label?

Answer: Yes, I’m signed to CLG Entertainment By Gods grace.

#4. Don’t you think this quarantine, it’s going be a nice time for you to put out music or what does your management think?

Answer: You guys need to understand that everything has process, music needs funding, quality planning, proper strategy and all those things don’t need rush, I also want to drop a project as soon as I can, but we can’t force it… everything’s got to sound right.


#5. So should we be expecting any project soon? single or videos?

Answer: I don’t know but something that’s worth the time is coming

#6. Which artists inspires you in the industry?

Answer: I listen to santi and runtown, But reekado is my first pick for anything

#7. Where do you see your self, in the next 5 years And what’s your plan for the future?

Answer: You can only see what you can explain. My next 3 years it’s going to be so big that I can’t explain talk more of 5 years time Bro, but at same time God lead us all.

#8. It’s nice getting to chat with you julythevibe, so what’s your advice to your fellow rising artist?

Answer: Please protect your mental health, mental health is everything bro. Anything going to mess with it please avoid it, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Everything is possible.

#9. Thank you for having this conversation with us do you want to give shout to any one? Friends, Family, Fans, Loved ones?

Answer: I want to say a very Big shout out to “Odogwu Andy” that’s my big bro, and a Big thanks to my mum for enduring all the insult’s people were trowing at her, “you sent him to school to be a lawyer he left school and says he has passion for singing”, I know it hurt’s so much and I want to say Mummy am sorry but the calling was loud!

#10. How do You feel? You are not using your potential fully and also not getting the best attention needed?

Answer: bro, I cry everyday day when I see my audiomack stats, because I know I’m worth more than that, I know I’m worth much more of the attention but everything Good takes time

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