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How PayPal’s Return Shipping Works & What It Costs



How PayPal’s Return Shipping Works & What It Costs

Despite how long PayPal has been around, many people don’t know it will reimburse you for money spent shipping returns to online retailers.

PayPal Refund

It may be an unknown feature to most of its users but PayPal offers refunds on shipping costs associated with returns. This is a great, consumer-first feature that could be particularly useful right now, as COVID-19 has pushed online shopping to the forefront of public consciousness.

Returning online products has always been a frustrating process. Even when it goes smoothly, it can be difficult to know how to return something when it can’t be simply walked into a store. It’s such a hassle at times that platforms like Amazon often choose to just give people refunds without bothering to set a timeline on a return. During a pandemic, with the impact the virus has had on shipping pipelines, it’s even more complicated to return online purchases and that’s not even factoring in the obvious health risks.

While it can’t eliminate the complications of shipping issues, PayPal’s Return Shipping on Us refunds are still helpful. The service will reimburse up to $30 in shipping fees associated with a return, per transaction. Users are granted 12 refund reimbursements per calendar year and it only applies to transactions that were paid in full through PayPal funds. It’s just a bit of financial relief, but it’s welcome if it makes the prospect of shipping an item back to an online retailer less stressful.


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