How Many Points are Required for Canada PR 2021?

In the past, getting a PR has been a Herculean task. People have wondered how many points are required for a Canada PR. As a result, the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score has dropped to 447.

Canada has always welcomed immigrants with skills and work experience that benefit the Canadian economy. Express Entry provides a clear immigration pathway for immigrants.

Who is eligible for Express Entry?
Express Entry is an immigration system established by Immigration Canada (IRCC). Ideal candidates are immigrants with a college degree and work experience who have a good command of English/French. However, only immigrants who qualify for the Express Entry program are eligible to apply for

Express Entry programs
Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
In other words, the profiles of immigrants registered for one of the programs are managed by Express Entry. Meanwhile, they are eligible for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) after being submitted through Express Pool. However, applicants must meet some eligibility criteria.

Requirements for Express Entry
To apply as a professional, you must meet the following criteria;

You must be fluent in English/French.
You must have at least one year of experience in your qualifying occupation
Completed post-secondary education
Bilingual in French and English
A master’s degree or doctoral training
A Canadian relative living in Canada
Employment with a Canadian company
However, meeting these criteria does not guarantee an immediate invitation to apply for a Canadian PR. However, they can help increase your chances of being selected.

An ideal Express Entry candidate.
There is no set/defined profile that is eligible for Express Entry. Regardless, immigrants who are accepted into the pool receive a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Consequently, only those who score higher will receive an invitation to apply.

If an applicant achieves a score of 67 or higher, they are eligible to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).

How to calculate your points
As mentioned earlier, there are minimum requirements. Points are awarded for each of these requirements, and if you have an idea of what they are, it may help with your application.

Language skills (Maximum 28 points)
Education (Maximum 25 points)
Work experience (Maximum 15 points)
Age (Maximum 12 points)
Employment (Maximum 10 points)
Adaptability (Maximum 10 points)
Once you know these points, you can apply wisely.

How much does Express Entry cost?
Language tests: $300
Biometrics: $85/person
Medical exam fee: $450/adult, $250/child
Educational Credentials Assessment (ECA): $200
Government fee: $1,325/adult & $225/child
Police Certificate of Good Conduct: $100/county.
NOTE: Please note that if you are not applying under the Canadian Experience Class program or have a job offer, you will need to demonstrate that you have sufficient financial resources to fund your resettlement in Canada. Although these fees are not paid to the government, you must provide proof of this. Otherwise, you may not be admitted to the application process.

How long does Express Entry take?
Express Entry can take up to six months to process, from submission of the Express Entry profile to issuance of a PR visa. However, this does not apply to all cases. Therefore, the profile will remain active in the pool for 12 months if it has not already been invited.

However, if you have not been invited after 12 months, you will need to reapply. So your profile will remain valid after 12 months. Once you have received an invitation, you have 90 days to submit the required documentation in full. Once you have completed the application, the PR visa should be processed within six months.


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