Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

The Canadian economy has seen a positive trend over the year, with many new jobs being created in most sectors.

Choosing the right job is always a challenge, whether you are fresh out of school or looking for a career change.

This article aims to help you do that by highlighting some interesting opportunities in some of the fields with the highest salaries and greatest potential.

Below is a list of the top 10 ranked professions with interesting opportunities and salaries.

1. Utility manager

This category of manager takes care of facilities, equipment, and distribution systems that provide people with electricity.

Salary range

The annual salary of a utility manager is about $114,000, with wide variations depending on the type of utility you manage.

To qualify as a utility manager, you will need a bachelor’s degree or diploma in the relevant field you will be managing.

The government is projecting an impressive growth in manufacturing and utility managers. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll need to show proven experience to increase your chances.

2. Pharmacist

As a pharmacist, you’ll be responsible not only for filling out doctors’ reports, but also for managing inventory, carefully updating medical records, and advising customers on how to take their medications.

Salary range:

Pharmacists in Canada are paid up to $104,000 annually, with an increase of about 10% in recent years.

To qualify as a pharmacist in Canada, you need a degree in pharmacology and must be registered as a pharmacist in your province.

The government is forecasting an increase in pharmacist job openings.


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