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How I Made Her Fall In Love – S01 E02 (Story Episode)



Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2

I went online to search for articles on how to make a lady fall in love with you.

After surfing the internet for 3hours, I finally got what I was looking for.

I wrote down all I needed and memorized it. I smiled to myself when I was sure I was good to go.

My plan was to walk up to Sandra and pour out all the sweet words I had memorized which I believed would melt her heart and make her fall in love with me. I went to bed that night smiling all through.

After class the next day, I went to the school restuarant to have lunch. Sandra walked into the restuarant 5 minutes later. She glanced at my direction and caught me already staring at her. She ignored me and went to her usual spot to sit. A sudden fear gripped me and I started doubting if I would be able to accomplish my plan. I waved it aside immediately by telling myself that I was prepared for the out come.

I recited my memorized line to myself and when I was sure I was good to go, I stood up and walked towards her. I stood beside her table and stared silently at her. she was too engrossed in her meal to notice my presence.

while I was still contemplating on whether to distract her, she looked up from her table and our gaze locked.

A sudden fear gripped me and my mind suddenly went blank. I forgot all I had memorized. she stared intensely at me,waiting for me to state my reasons for distracting her from having her meal. I tried to say “hi” but my voice only sounded like a whisper even to my own ears. I tried to speak,but my voice failed me.

After staring at her without having anything to say, i finally stretched my notebook which i was holding to her. she collected the note book still staring at me. she flipped through pages and turned back to me.“what should i do with this?” she asked. “erm… .. erm…” i stammered.“ i want you to explain something to me. i still don’t understand the topic that was treated today by Dr. Grey” “which part don’t you understand?” she asked.

I pointed the part i wanted her to explain on the notebook. “okay, i will explain it to you when i am done with my meal” I sat next to her and waited for her to finishher food. when she was done eating, she explained the topic to me. i tried to pay for her meal when we were done, but she politely declined. I went home that day happy, not because i achieved my aim, but because i finally talked to Sandra. Now that i had finally talked to Sandra, i could now plot my other plans,which was to make her fall in love with me. i also needed to be careful not to allow her friend zoned me, because i knew that ladies like Sandra could easily friend zone a guy without having second thought.

I used the whole of my bed time planning my next move on how to make her fall in love with me and not to friend zone me. When i was satisfied with the method i came up with, i smiled to myself. At the same time, i needed to tread carefully in order for my plan not to backfire.

I walked into the school restuarant the next day and found Sandra already having lunch.

I walked up to her and sat next to her.“hi Sandra”“hi” she responded.“i really want to thank you for helping me out yesterday. I’m really greatful.” “it’s nothing” “i found it difficult to comprehend what the lecturer thought in class, but after you explained it to me, it just look as easy as ever” i said. “sometimes we just need a little helping hand from our course mate to help us understand better what was thaught in class. so it’s nothing” she responded.

I placed a hand on my stomach. “i’m really hungry. i need to order for food now” i said. “okay” she responded. “thanks once more” “you are welcome” she responded I stood up and went to the counter to place my order. After receiving my order, i carried my food, walked pass her and placed my food on a different table. i sat down and started consuming my lunch.

I knew she was expecting me to place my food on her table and sit beside her, but i just had to disappoint her. From my personal research, i had come to realise that most ladies fall easily for guys that they can’t easily predict thier moves. so i had to make sure that she does’nt predict my every move.

I walked up to her when i was done eating and informed her that i was leaving. i left the restuarant without waitng for her response.

Ikept smiling at my new found courage as iwalked back home.

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