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Drafting the best fictional Fantasy baseball team ever



We’ll get back to real mock drafts for the 2020 Fantasy baseball season later this week, but we decided to have some fun on Monday’s episode of the Fantasy Baseball Today podcast by drafting teams made up of fictional baseball players. And it was quite a bit of fun:

The rules were simple: Five hitters, two pitchers, from any fictional medium. I tried to cheat the rules by drafting Barry Bonds from Rookie of the Year — in my defense, though Bonds is playing himself in the movie, he is still on the Pirates despite the 1993 release date, which clearly establishes this as an alternate timeline from our own — but was ultimately voted down. No matter, there are plenty of true fictional players to choose from.

It should come as no surprise that the Major League franchise is most well-represented, with four picks coming from the first two movies in the franchise. A League of Their Own is well represented with two picks, but we split the other 15 picks among 15 different choices, from the good — The Sandlot, the best baseball movie ever, is represented — to the bad — somehow, the No. 1 pick came from the largely forgotten Albert Brooks/Brendan Fraser vehicle, The Scout — to the bizarre — Scott White picked two video characters!

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