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Dr Disrespect Breaks Silence, Says Twitch Hasn’t Given Reason For Ban



After being banned by Twitch, Dr Disrespect has taken to Twitter to suggest he doesn’t know why he has been de-platformed by the streaming giant.

Popular Twitch streamer Herschel Beahm, otherwise known as Dr Disrespect, has finally broken the silence regarding his unceremonious banishment from the ubiquitous streaming platform. Recent developments have seen Twitch streamers and employees alike come under fire for various forms of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment to outright assault. In the midst of this sea change for the company, streamer Dr Disrespect was quietly banned from Twitch, but no reason was given for his unceremonious ousting.

The unprecedented silence behind Herschel Beahm’s banishment worried many of his fans, who were wondering if he was somehow caught up in the abuse scandals plaguing the industry, or if he was simply banished for his moronic views regarding the perils of 5G and its improbable relation to the continuing Coronavirus pandemic. The footage of Beahm’s final eight minutes live on stream did nothing to clear up the confusion.

Now, Dr Disrespect himself, Herschel Beahm, has broken his silence regarding the ongoing controversy, but he scarcely said anything of consequence. According to the popular streamer, he’s as confused as everyone else. In a statement released to Twitter, Dr Disrespect addressed his “Champions Club” and told them Twitch has not explained why he was banned. He thanks his fans for their support, but beyond that, this is as much of a non-statement as one could possibly expect.

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