Canada Student Visa – How To Apply

Canada Student Visa – How To Apply

Canadian Universities are vastly popular all over the world with over 200,000 international students preferring to study in Canada. This is not so surprising considering the fact that there are about 26 Canadian universities listed in the World’s Best Universities rankings. It is testament to the high standard of education and academic system being found in the Canadian education sector. This article will help simplify, to international students who have interest in studying in Canada, how one can easily get a Canada Student Visa.

Canada possesses a very welcoming study environment for international students, made even more incentivized and appealing through the provision of loans, flexible study patterns, grants and even free healthcare services.

This and more, often makes studying in Canada a topmost choice for the vast majority of international students looking forward to studying abroad.

Ever wondered how you can get a Canada student visa and make your dreams of studying in Canada a reality? This post is crafted to ensure you easily navigate the seemingly overwhelming process of obtaining a student visa and how you can apply for one effectively.

Outlined below are some useful steps to follow in order to get a Canada student visa in less than no time:

  • Select your preferred Canadian University and apply to get your acceptance letter.
    Choosing the right university that can readily offer you an acceptance letter is key to kickstarting your student visa application. One is advised to make sure all relevant documents are provided including proof of financial status, school transcripts and other documents deemed necessary. Once accepted by the institution, you get an acceptance letter which enables you to start the student visa application process.

Application Method For Canada Student Visa

Once you receive your acceptance letter from your institution of choice, the next obvious step is to start the Canada student visa application procedure. The student visa is often times also referred to as a study permit which provides the required authorization to study in Canada.

Process To Get Canada Student Visa

Apply Online – The first step to get your student visa is to visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website and apply for a student visa.

Paper Application – In areas devoid of reliable internet connections, it is also possible for one to apply for a Canada student visa through paper means.

  • You will be required to provide your acceptance letter from a government recognized Canadian university.
  • The Canadian authorities need also to be satisfied that one can cover the costs of living and studying in Canada, as such, a proof of financial status is often required to get a Canada student visa.
  • Any international student hoping to study in Canada would also be required to present a statement of health record. This is to certify that a prospective international student is not terminally ill or medically unfit for studies.

Newer visa regulations stipulates that the whole Canada student visa application process can be made easier and faster if the intending student has a relative resident in Canada as a foreigner with valid work permit or a permanent resident.

The Canadian study permit expires 90 days after an international student has completed their studies in Canada. However, one can still apply for an extension if one decides to embark on further studies. You can also get a work permit which allows you to work on a part-time basis or even gain full time employment.

There are some important documents necessary for the Canada student visa application process. They include but not limited to the following:

  • A properly filled student permit form
  • A copy of the original admission letter from a recognized university in Canada
  • Two recent passport photographs with your names and date of birth written clearly at the back
  • A valid passport/travel document which qualifies you to study in Canada and return after completion of studies. Students from the United States of America are usually exempted from this.
  • Proof of financial status
  • A letter of intent and proof that one has paid fully for the student permit (fee of around 150USD)
Language Requirements For Canada Student Visa Application Process
With the exception of people from indigenous English-speaking countries, Canadian universities usually require international students to present a proof of proficiency in English. Some of the widely accepted tests include:
  • Advanced Cambridge English

Like earlier stated, language tests are usually not mandatory for the student visa applications. It is usually based on one’s country of origin.

Canada Student Visa Biometric Appointment And Interview

International students from certain countries may be required to be present at the visa application center for biometrics assessment.

Once the application for Canada student visa has been submitted, the processing time may take up to 90 days and may involve an interview appointment. This scenario is also dependent on the prospective student’s home country.

For further questions regarding your Canadian student visa application process/method, leave a comment below and a member of our expert team would be happy to provide useful answers.


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